Evacu-Trac Features

Garaventa's Evacu-Trac evacuation chair has patented brake and hydraulic speed governor, making this evacuation chair safe to use.

  • Durable tracks grip stairs securely, regardless of the stair construction material
  • Unique seat design allows easy transfer from wheelchair
  • Failsafe brake brings unit to a complete stop automatically
  • Carries up to 400 lbs.
  • Three adjustable safety straps
  • Parking Brake
  • Two-hand brake release
  • Light-weight cast aluminum frame
  • Hydraulic speed governor
  • Deep foot pocket

Evacu-Trac Benefits

  • Compact storage
  • Provides quick and safe emergency evacuation
  • Eliminates prolonged waiting in an area of refuge
  • Small attendants can easily move heavier passengers
  • No hand carrying of people with limited mobility
  • Smooth riding
  • Comfortable seating position
  • High visibility dual latch
  • Stable and self-supporting
  • Sling seat is made of fire retardant fabric and is easy to clean
  • Requires minimal maintenance