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Like elevators, accessibility lifts are shut down during an emergency. This means that many folks who are mobility impaired will struggle to exit a multi-storey building during an emergency event. The Garaventa Evacu-Trac, with it’s patented hydraulic speed governor and failsafe brake makes evacuating ANYONE – FAST, EASY & SAFE! Every facility evacuation plan needs to consider those of the disabled.

Note: It is a facility’s responsibility, not the fire department’s, for arranging and executing emergency evacuation.

  • Seniors
  • Reduced mobility is common with aging. The reality is that 33% of seniors aged 65 and older experience a mobility-related disability. In addition, 44% of those aged 74 and older experience mobility challenges.

    Seniors must be able to safely evacuate any property in the case of an emergency, which is why evacuation stair chairs are an essential rescue tool for public multi-level properties.

  • Individuals with disabilities
  • There are physical challenges experienced by people of all ages that can impact an individual’s mobility. An evacuation transport chair is a safe and secure solution to ensure the safe evacuation of any individual with a mobility disability. Those with respiratory or heart condition may also be affected.

  • Injured Individuals
  • Evacuation chairs are often necessary for aiding those with temporary mobility challenges as those sustaining a foot, leg, or knee injury will often have issues walking or moving quickly in the case of an emergency. It is essential to have an evacuation stair chair on hand to help injured individuals safely evacuate a building or property.

  • Individuals with Mobility Tools
  • Permanent or temporary mobility disabilities can often be indicated using a mobility tool such as a wheelchair, walker, cast, or crutches. If a person requires mobility aids to navigate their surroundings, they will require the assistance of an escape chair to descend any stairs safely and swiftly in the case of an emergency evacuation.